The Heart of Alentejo
The Heart of Alentejo

The first impact of the Malhadinha estate is enough to convince you to stay – a landscape of olive trees, infinite hil ...

Golf à la Carte

"Enjoy Life!"

No One Can Live Your Dream

Ingredients Come First, Always!
Björn Frantzén - Sweden

If Michelin awarded stars for enthusiasm and creativity, Björn Frantzén would definitely get a few dozen. ...

Hans Neuner - Austria

De Mangeleer - Belgium

Erik van Loo - Holland


Restaurant Hotel

Restaurant Hotel

If hedonism is a philosophy we should embrace, Vil ...

Malhadinha Nova

Malhadinha Nova

Malhadinha Nova is a typical family farming estate ...

Red is the Colour

The favourite tipple for Portuguese wine lovers is ...


BMW Portugal is proud to be partner of the Interna ...

Vila Joya
Hans van Wolde