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Simplicity, Delicacy and Elegance

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Gert De Mangeleer

Simplicity, Delicacy and Elegance

There is nothing like growing your own produce to fuel your creativity even more in the kitchen and Gert masters this perfectly.

De Mangeleer
De Mangeleer

Hertog Jan



Gert de Mangeleer's philosophy is based on fresh local produce and respect for his team and the environment.


His cuisine is both simple and sophisticated with a strong work ethic to back up his innovative creations.


‘Doing business responsibly comes first!’

GERT DE MANGELEER is a young chef who has already won three Michelin stars for his delicious combinations of local ingredients, perfectly arranged through meticulous study and method. After his training he worked four years with Chef Danny Horseele at 'T Molentjie in Zeebrugge before jumping straight into his own business together with his partner Joachim Boudens, elected Best Sommelier of Belgium in 2005 and 2011.


With the energy and drive of their young age they took over Hertog Jan, the refined restaurant in Bruges, and subsequently won three Michelin starts in 2007, 2009 and 2012. Gert acquired the Golden Guard in Knack Guide 2005-2006 as "Most Inventive Cook ' and was voted “Culinary Personality of the Year” by Les Grandes Tables du Monde together with Joachim. The list could go on much further, and so would the amazement at the speed of success, but it's better to illustrate Gert's style and craftsmanship to explore his cuisine and world renowned creations.


The teamwork behind Gert's cooking and Hertog Jan is phenomenal and adds to the professionalism and high quality of the restaurant, whose philosophy is based on respect – and this is also proven by the nature-friendly approach of the young master. The simple and fresh ingredients he uses – like the produce from their bio-farm in Zedelgem – give him the base to accompany fresh meats and fish, with a personal touch on regional tradition.


His search for pure ingredients of highest quality, and innovation through seasonal choice make him stand out of trends and puts him on the top list of creativity and authenticity.

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