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A World of Flavours.

Tsuyoshi Murakami Photo: Vasco Célio

Tsuyoshi Murakami

A World of Flavours.

Identity and the homeland can be the best elements and base to begin your journey into the world as a chef.




High quality food with lightness and talent, Tsuyoshi Murakami shows off the best Japanese cuisine within the elegance of Kinoshita.

‘Food is like poetry’

TSUYOSHI MURAKAMI left Japan as a child to move to Rio de Janeiro with his family, he moved back to the homeland as an adult, to refine the cooking techniques of his country, he worked in Ozush, in Tokyo, in 1988 and 1989. Then he moved on Shabu in New York, where he stayed from 1990 to 1991, and later to Kiyokata in Barcelona between 1992 and 1994.


He landed again back in Brasil, in the he elegant neighborhood of Vila Nova Conceição in São Paolo, where he began working in Kinoshita, the top quality Japanese restaurant he then took over later, maintaining the Japanese tradition with its roots and flavours, and with his award winning carreer, he quickly conquered the heights of Japanese cuisine.


His exportation of kappo cuisine resulted in sky high success - this type of cuisine, as well as presenting unusual and delicate flavours to your eager palate, means many things. In a literal sense it means “to cut”, “to cook”, but in its philosophy extends its nature greatly, it means rapid, quick and real time cooking, for the customer, with the customer, within the seasonal cycle, in a split second of care and skill, and last but not least, it's means it's made beautifully to look beautiful.


Keen on unusual flavors but with an innate drive and skill to be delicate in the kitchen, Tsuyoshi has made this cuisine famous and turned it into the sophisticated and elaborate menu that is served at Kinoshita.

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