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Anarchy and Architecture Combined.

Joan Roca

Joan Roca

Anarchy and Architecture Combined.

Here is what happens when opposites attract each other and create a special kind of magic together.

Joan Roca
Joan Roca

El Celler de Can Roca



Just like any artist at work, Joan Roca believes in stimulating and playing with people's imaginations and emotions.


‘A restaurant is a hedonistic space’

CROSSING BORDERS is on the menu: hot and cold, softness and strength,oysters with Palo Cortado, white and black garlic, acid, bitter, piquant, smoked, oriental, cherry soup with smoked eel, bitter almonds,cherry ice-cream, amaretto and ginger, rough and sweet...the El Celler Restaurant is a free style kitchen committed to creative art, with the traditions and the memory of generations of family ancestors to keep inspiring Joan and his brothers to entertain, embrace and feed people.


Through this memory and tradition, Joan, the architectural master, has brought El Celler to award winning heights, three Michelin stars and international fame with a close partnership with his brothers Josep, the wine and drink storyteller and Jordi, the dessert master.


Joan's craftsmanship comes from studying, experiencing and experimenting, through this knowledge, through the past, his childhood memories, his training, his relationship with producers and scientists and his travels, he develops a unique cuisine dedicated to the imagination and flavour.


Joan brings the expression of freedom typical of the arts into the world of food, demonstrating that cooking and eating involves all senses and the mind in a quest to reach sublimation, in a style and with a simplicity devoid of boisterous vanity.


An avant garde outlook with all the chrisms of heritage and a modern work ethic that results in dishes that can only be called experiences, dipped in an elegant environment, a welcoming garden and its walls of history.

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