Always a Good Idea
VILA JOYA | Restaurant Hotel

Always a Good Idea

If hedonism is a philosophy we should embrace, Vila Joya is definitely the school of thought we should attend.

Always a Good Idea

TO BE ON A QUEST to achieve the greatest amount of pleasure possible has been on the cards since the Greeks conceived this concept, thankfully, it has entered our mind and bodies and at times saves us from daily routine.


VILA JOYA is a boutique hotel and restaurant whose nickname “The Jewellery Box” perfectly describes the precious palace of joy on the Atlantic ocean. Within its Moorish and Portuguese architecture and peaceful gardens, it holds all the elements of pleasure for an indulgent retreat: luxury rooms and suites, a rejuvenating spa, heavenly gardens with access to the beach and internationally renowned haute cuisine.


VILA JOYA is a place where “forgetting” becomes a noble act.

VILA JOYA Restaurant Hotel

Vila Joya
Joan Roca