Pleasure and Joy

Pleasure and Joy

BMW Portugal is proud to be partner of the International Gourmet Festival, once again. We consider this special event a perfect occasion to share with our customers, fans and friends a moment of pleasure and JOY, the core of our brand.

Pleasure and Joy


VILA JOYA Restaurant Hotel has been a BMW partner since some time and we consider this partnership one of our key brand positionings, as we share the same values of design orientation, premium customer approach and excellence of service. Since some years BMW has built a luxury orientation based on the best quality products and service, total customer satisfaction, and innovative solutions to be ahead of the competitors and overall industry status.


This can be experienced in any BMW model, from the 1 series until our state-of-the-art 7 series, where BMW puts all its knowledge for the most comfortable, safe and dynamic way of driving. By the end of 2013 we will launch the all-new BMW X5, where all customers will experience the most advanced car industry technology, ahead of any other competitor, again and ever since, in this segment.


During International Gourmet Festival 2013 for this year we expect a handful of surprises from the best chefs in the world, as this is what we always want to deliver to our customers: the best in class product and service, the BMW way of living. Looking forward for November 2013!

Vila Joya