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Like a Rabbit From a Hat.

Quique Dacosta Photo©Mikel Ponce

Quique Dacosta

Like a Rabbit From a Hat.

Simple techniques, local produce and his own personal touch of wizardry and here he is, the man people call the “magician”.

Quique Dacosta
Quique Dacosta

Quique Dacosta



You never thought you could get emotional with food until Quique Dacosta's entrance to cuisine.


‘Local is

THE BELIEF in local produce and style can be embodied in one person, and that is Quique Dacosta. Through his own “little” window on the world, he has become an international sensation. The window he looks out from is in Spain and inside he creates easiness, lightness and flavour to the point of starting trends.


A self-taught cook, he started working in Denia's pizza kitchen at 15 to then find himself at El Poblet at 17, which he never left, turning it into Quique Dacosta Restaurant in 2009 – and the world renowned palace of flavour it is today.


With regards to training, working in pizzerias and steakhouses has been a blessing, moving on to learning about local produce and working with a trusted team, brought his knowledge and creativity to higher grounds and to the chef he is today and more – he has in fact created the "Culinary Ecosystem", the concept of a cuisine based on the landscape and nature and the first e-book in the gastronomy world.


With regards to the food, his imagination lands on an innovative and researched ground, with dishes that mesmerise customers – his cuisine “has a soul” as some have said – by sticking to tradition, like the Red Shrimp from the Marina Alta in Alicante, or by presenting his own creations with delicacies such as the “Cubalibre de foie”. All these refined compositions do not lack the architecture to go with them, often imitated all across the globe, like edible veils and papers, landscapes, his Guggenheim Bilbao Oysters which reproduce the metallic textures of the museum and “The Animated Forest”, which evokes a walk in a Mediterranean wood.


If you feel like tasting a cuisine that comes from more than dedication, more than a talent and more than a calling, then try his.

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