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Ingredients Come First, Always!

Photo: Fredrik Skogkvist


Ingredients Come First, Always!

If Michelin awarded stars for enthusiasm and creativity, Björn Frantzén would definitely get a few dozen.

Björn Frantzén
Björn Frantzén




Björn Frantzén gives the word “unique” the uniqueness it's missing through his “hard workin' cuisine”.


‘We can only do chickens once a year - last year the fox ate them so we didn't have chickens then. ’

FRANTZÉN is a 19-seater restaurant in Stockholm that's been open for just three years and has already received two Michelin stars, the best restaraunt in the White Guide two years consecutively and a place on the 2011 Pellegrino and Acqua Panna “World's Best Restaurant list”.


The chef and business partners, have experience in working for Michelin-starred kitchens around the world and over a period of ten years have built his own kingdom of unique techniques and team of  trusted collaborators, who share his thirst for perfection and a style of cooking out of the ordinary.


The skill and obession that take him to these great heights is proven by this work system he's created ad hoc to suit the deep understanding of ingredients and their origin – hence the way to cook them. For example, his own way of transporting fresh langoustines from the North Sea by simulating their daily environment, in order to keep them as fresh as possible and minimising the stress of the animal who is then killed a few minutes before serving.


This 'à la minute' style is a great element of his restaurant – the fresh bread dough at your table is sent to the kitchen to be baked in real time and served with freshly made  butter, churned right in front of your eyes. This research in delivery matches the search for high quality originality across his handwritten daily menu – as proven by 19 course tasting menu you can indulge in with a clear conscience.


Through  knowledge, hard work and a dedicated network of producers, farmers and fishermen, Björn has created the culinary experience of a lifetime for his keen fans and food conoisseurs.

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