Golf à la Carte

Monte Rei Golf & Country Club

Golf à la Carte

Monte Rei Golf and Country Club is one of Europe's leading golf clubs, situated in Serra do Caldeirão, in the Eastern part of Algarve. Its prestige is given by its renowned sporting facilities but also by a growing and ambitious hospitality project dedicated to haute cuisine and accommodation.

Text: Guen Murroni

Golf à la Carte
‘Salvador B. de Lucena and David Shepherd have been working for the constant growth of MONTE REI by merging their
two specialities: hospitality
and golf.’

General Manager Salvador B. de Lucena and David Shepherd, Director of golf, have been working for the constant renewal and growth of MONTE REI by merging their two specialities – hospitality and golf. Both are in love with MONTE REI and work to provide high quality for all areas of the business, planning also to turn the food and beverage into a primary attraction in the next couple of years.


The golf event held in association with Villa Joya and the INTERNATIONAL GOURMET FESTIVAL 2013, sees golfers tee off and enjoying a fine dining experience as their game progresses. At every three or four holes, they will be served a starter, a main course and finally a dessert closer to the end as well as drinks all the way around. The event, which was held once before, has definitely been a success and most certainly a curious one to attend even for golf philistines.


The anchor of MONTE REI is the sport, the golf course is the only Jack Nicklaus signature course in Portugal and the surrounding atmosphere is typical of the area, peaceful hills and a eternal quietness:

“... there couldn't be a better place to spend time in Portugal”, as David puts it, UK born and a golf pro himself, he started off as a golf player very young to then move onto recreation management in university and landing here five years at Monte Rei: “... I should definitely play more though!”.


Salvador, originally from Lisbon, has travelled all over the world for his work – Belize, Germany, Russia, Spain – and has gained great knowledge from each experience to develop further their vision of the club.


Future plans include a second golf course with two swimming pools, a spa and new construction of villas across the property:

“...the privilege of working in such a big project is that you reach an area which allows luxury space which is not available in Algarve anymore...”.


With regards to golfing, MONTE REI's partners include some of the top level golf courses in Portugal and Europe, David and Salvador try and align the golf style of the business with other likeminded clubs. David explains how they wish to organise more golfing events in the future – they have hosted the AsiaPacific team and host corporate events – and with the second golf course on its way, it will definitely be something to look forward to.


This golf event, in association with INTERNATIONAL GOURMET FESTIVAL 2013, will be held on the last Saturday of the event and will see forty golfers enjoying the best golf course and food by chef Jaime Pérez.


By giving the game this original twist, Salvador and David have added a unique element to this club and a treat for its growing and diverse clientele.


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