The Power of Creation

The Power of Creation

An event may only arrive once a year, but it's the memory of that moment that lasts forever, that’s why DOM PÉRIGNON is proud to be a partner of INTERNATIONAL GOURMET FESTIVAL 2013. This is an unique opportunity to find out how dreams are made.

The Power of Creation

Dom Pérignon
is a true act
of creation

TODAY, the House of DOM PÉRIGNON keeps the vision of Dom Pierre Pérignon intact and enriches by continuously reinventing itself. Each Dom Pérignon is a true act of creation, a display of daring rewarded by the birth of a new vintage. There can be no Dom Pérignon without vintage – in other words, a wine made from a single year’s harvest only.


The Power of Creation: pairings with other inspiring creators, that's what is going to happen at Vila Joya.


Dom Pérignon has always been breaking the rules to reveal other worlds giving birth to the unknown. These unconventional paths, highlighting Dom Pérignon’s deeply distinctive experience, led to collaborations with artists and creative figures such as the chefs that will be present at the International Gourmet Festival 2013.


All creators know that when they venture beyond the frontiers of the known, they can invent extraordinary experiences, sensations, emotions, dreams, images and objects. This encounter between two worlds gives evidence to our total faith in the power of creation.

Vila Joya
Gert De Mangeleer