Passion to Perform

Passion to Perform

In uncertain and challenging times, Deutsche Bank AG – Branch in Portugal remains steadfast and committed to its clients, offering a comprehensive and diverse range of financial products and services.

Passion to Perform

an expression of confidence and strength

DEUTSCHE BANK is an expression of confidence and strength. Our Passion to Perform has enabled us to become a leading global bank within a decade. In Portugal, Deutsche Bank AG Group began to operate in 1978.


Its Private & Business Clients department combines the strengths and responsibilities of the Private Banking, Business and Private Customer Units into an integrated European wide range of products and services.


Our presence has increased in Portugal and today Deutsche Bank Portugal has 78 branches and two private banking centres nationwide.


In 2011 Deutsche Bank Portugal was converted into the branch office of Deutsche Bank AG and officially carrying the designation of Deutsche Bank AG – Branch in Portugal, acquiring the position of being a bank set up under German law.


Deutsche's iconic logo, signalling growth in a stable environment, is an expression of our confidence and strength. The handwritten claim demonstrates the personal commitment and passion that we promise our clients.


This measured approach gives us the confidence to enable agile minds to look beyond the obvious, gaining advantage for everyone we work with. Understanding diverse client needs, adding value, building trust and commitments that endure, is our business philosophy.

Vila Joya
Gert De Mangeleer