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Malhadinha fields

Malhadinha Nova

The Flavour of Portugal

Malhadinha Nova is a typical family farming estate located in the heart of Alentejo. Guided by passion and dedication it brings forth traditional regional products of the highest quality.

Malhadinha Nova
Malhadinha Nova

7800-601 Albernoa
Beja Portugal
+351 284 965 210

'Herdade da Malhadinha Nova is one of the most interesting farms and vineyards in Alentejo.


The smallest details show this is a carefully thought out project.' 

Revista Vinhos, 2005


‘Malhadinha produces the
very taste of Alentejo’

THE ELEGANCE, complexity and intense fruit flavours reflect our respect for nature and all the passion and dedication that goes into creating Malhadinha Nova wines. The ideal climate and natural conditions of the Alentejo, the freedraining schist soil, the gentle slopes and the careful selection of varieties combine to create a property of unique potential for the production of wines of extraordinary quality.


In harmony with the natural environment we also raise certified pedigree animals such as the Alentejo black pig and pureblood Alentejo cattle.


Herdade da Malhadinha Nova County House & Spa

Cooking with a famous chef, learning the art of photography or painting with great masters or discovering the world of wine from the inside, these are some of the experiences that we would like to share with you.


Herdade da Malhadinha Nova Country House & Spa blends in perfectly with the bucolic landscape of the vast Alentejo plain. This is where we offer the sweet comfort of an Alentejo-style country farmhouse, where tradition and modern comforts live side by side in perfect harmony. The combination of design, country living, comfort and elegance appeals to our senses.


Restaurante da Malhadinha - Wine & Gourmet

From Monday to Saturday, come and visit Restaurante Gourmet da Malhadinha located in the estate’s winery. This new restaurant offers genuine designer cuisine with modern interpretations of traditional dishes favouring local produce. Chef Vitor Claro is in charge of the culinary delights at Malhadinha, assisted by André Pires and Vitalina Santos, and offers several tasting menus that change every week.

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