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About Memory

Erik van Loo

Erik van Loo

About Memory

Only one thing is important in Erik van Loo's kitchen and that is quality. Real food, what you see is what you get. In his opinion, taste is knowledge, it is emotion, it is feeling and at last, taste is all about memory.

Erik van Loo
Erik van Loo




“Parkheuvel is all about emotions, it is passion, it is running and flying, it is welcoming the guests from beginning until the end, Parkheuvel is labour-intensive every single day, but it brings us endless enjoyment”. Anja van Loo

‘Quality, style, personality, creativity.
And taste. ’

‘AS A CHEF you have to be in your kitchen, you really have to dive into your dishes. Every flavour that you create, every ingredient that you use has to come back at its best . The final target is to create something which you can not exceed. That is where your creativity and knowledge is able to finish.Cooking is creating flavours. It is like giving a part of yourself away to a guest.‘

 ‘These days we are fortunate that our guests want to taste the season again. I meet a lot of people that want to know the story behind the ingredients.‘


‘And there is only one rule that really matters in the kitchen of Parkheuvel which is; only the best is good enough: ‘Through the years I have gained good relationships with our suppliers to maintain the best quality. They know exactly what I want and what I need. They also know, that we need the best ingredients. The suppliers we have chosen share the same philosophy, for them it is the same: taste and quality.‘


Give it time to grow, because with time comes flavour and with the right flavours we can extend the quality.‘


Quality, style, personality, creativity and taste. The experience is more than the sum of these parts.


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