No One Can Live Your Dream

Hans Neuner, Kenoa Resort, Brasil

Hans Neuner:

No One Can Live Your Dream

Definitely one of the most straight, direct and honest talkers, Hans Neuner gives a lively and original view on what it is to be a chef.

Text: Guen Murroni  |  Photo: Vasco Célio

No One Can Live Your Dream
‘The way I think, is how I want things done and it's the way
I do them’

“What does it take to be a chef?”




Born and raised in Tyrol, Hans spent his youth working in his family's restaurant, which dates back to his grandfather's activity and where he learned what it means to pay your own bills in this business. His home town is still his favourite place in the world and it's where he loves going back to visit his mother and father: “I lived in Spain, in Bermuda and Portugal but to me the mountains are still the best for me... I've a very good relationship with my parents, to me family is very very important, they are the most important people in the world...”.


This attachment to home doesn't hinder the drive to travel and explore, he's seen 160 different countries and has a soft spot for Berlin and London. He enjoyed the experience at the famous Dorchester Hotel in London and admires the openness of the people and the energy of cosmopolitan life.


Hans has worked in several prestigious restaurants, the Adlon Hotel in Berlin and the Tristan Restaurant in Mallorca before becoming chef­de­cuisine at the Seven Seas restaurant in Hamburg.


Now that he is head chef at the Ocean restaurant at Vila Vita Parc Resort & Spa, he can experiment with his own style and creativity keeping two very important things in mind: the importance of  building a strong team in the kitchen where people support each other like family and the fundamental rule of keeping all troubles outside the workplace.


He has participated at the INTERNATIONAL GOURMET FESTIVAL three times and he is definitely looking forward to the 2013 edition:


“To be honest I love to be there, first of all I love Vila Joya, it's an awesome place and the festival is one of the best in the world with the best international's an absolute honour to participate...”.  He says he often “pops over” to visit Vila Joya's kitchen to exchange ideas and help out the chefs – Vila Vita and Vila Joya are ten minutes away from each other.


Just like fellow chef Dieter Koschina, Hans has developed a passion for motorbikes and likes to cruise along the warm Algarve coast whenever he has some free time, nine months of sun a year definitely help this hobby! When asked what other profession he'd go for, he says he'd see himself as a photographer or gardener.


Bikes, photography and nature – all three activities that allow a pretty big degree of freedom.


“I've a completely free life”, he continues, and the tattoo he shows us on his arm explains a lot without too many words: No one can live your dream, a graffiti he saw on a Lisbon wall at the end of a partying session.


With regards to dreaming, Hans is just as direct and effective as that motto: “... the way I think, is how I want things done and it's the way I do them..”.


Inspirational to say the least, Hans Neuner can give a good kick of energy to anyone who is pursuing a dream no matter how tortuous the path.


Vila Joya